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Bent But Not Broken

I started my job 20 months ago with no indication that it was going to be the job from hell. Maybe the experience was setting me up for my future, maybe I was there to be a blessing to someone else but the one thing I know, God did not intend for me to be a doormat. See, I worked for a non-profit Christian Ministry as a Program Manager in which I worked as a Social Worker. My director was intimidated by me from day one. He hired me to be the manager and run the program but wouldn’t allow me to do my job. I could never speak about the decisions of running the program because he would tear down every suggestion I had. He talked over me, he wouldn’t listen to me as I couldn’t get a word in. I spent many, many days not saying anything at all. He threaten my job many times (according to him, I made poor decisions when it came to our clients). I started keeping notes on how I was being treated, it wasn’t good at all. One particular time he raised his voice at me and as I was trying to speak he accused me of yelling at him. He asked me to get out of his office, as I was leaving the office, he stormed behind me yelling and told me to leave the building. During one of my evaluations he told me not to use “big” words when I was providing information about my future opportunities for more training. He even told me that I wasn’t cut out for this job, maybe I should try something else. See, I’m not sure what his intentions were completely, but what I do know, he was not going to break me. He was not going to dictate to me what I’m suppose to be doing or what I’m not built for. For I know the plans God has for me.

Share an experience you had with an employer that was not pleasant and how God gave you peace about it.


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