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Tis The Season ~ Is It Your Season?

Tis The Season ~ Is It Your Season? A season is a time of year that can refer to a time characterized by circumstances in your life. In every season we need to be ready to accept challenges or release things that may be toxin and cause harm to what God

Distractions Can Block Your Blessings

Distractions Can Block Your Blessings God is not ignoring you, sometimes you are too distracted to hear His voice. Distractions are designed to put a wedge between the most important person, people or things in your life. Take a moment and think about it “distractions” have a way of being treacherous,

Challenges and Transformation

Challenges and Transformation Some trials are  meant to challenge us for change. They may not intend  harm to us, maybe we can look at them as transforming us. We may never understand that we need to change in areas of our lives until we face a challenge. Faith brings about a test

Death ~ During Your Time Of Sorrow

My dad left this world August 9, 2017. During my time of sorrow, I'm learning to trust God more and more.  I will grieve in my own way. it may be now or later, the one thing I do know is God is in control, He knew this day will come long


What Would Jesus Do? To understand this question we need to pray, read His Word and seek His face. These are the important tools we need to develop in order to sharpen our relationship with the Lord. Committing ourselves to a daily devotion with Jesus will allow us to not only speak to

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. I must say that this is absolutely true. For many years I thought of positive things in life and positive experiences followed. As soon as

Stop Domestic Violence

I interviewed a gentleman years ago regarding domestic violence, he was an abuser to his then girlfriend. He said the hardest and even the scariest thing was when he hit her the first time. See, he didn't know what to expect, he didn't know what she would do.....but when she

Endure The Crushing

Myrrh was one of the ingredients used by the priest and prophets to anoint and ordain people for the sacred service of the Lord, it’s a fragrant substance. It grows from a small stick-like shrub. Myrrh also has a bitter taste. But, once it is crushed a lovely and heavenly

Unbreakable Commitment ~ Relationships

When we choose to commit ourselves to a relationship, we go into it with the intention of seeing it through. For many reasons that we may not understand, we sometimes make decisions to break that commitment. Sometimes we find that we over-committed ourselves. Unconditionally committed to you, our Heavenly Father

Healed From Past Traumatic Experiences

Domestic violence is a violent and or aggressive behavior that typically occurs in the home, it involves the violent abuse of a spouse or a partner. It can certainly cause a traumatic experience for the victim and children. It is a physical and or sexual assault in which the abuser