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Distractions Can Block Your Blessings

Distractions Can Block Your Blessings

God is not ignoring you, sometimes you are too distracted to hear His voice. Distractions are designed to put a wedge between the most important person, people or things in your life. Take a moment and think about it “distractions” have a way of being treacherous, they can cause you to become handicap in the sense of losing your hearing and sight. Let’s look at it this way “distractions” can cause you to become blind and miss seeing what God is doing and or deaf and not hear what He is saying.

Distractions can cause you to block out God in ways that can cause you to self-destruct and cause deliberate damage to yourself and those around you. That person or thing that prevents you from giving full attention to God’s Plan for your life is certainly a distraction. It can cause a hindrance to your blessings or interference to His Will for your future. Distractions can be like a disease, it’s a disorder of structure, a result of physical, mental and emotional injury.

Don’t miss what God is doing or saying during this season in your life by allowing distractions to block your blessings and keep you from His presence.

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