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Food For Medicine

Imagine being on your way to living your dream life, then your world is shattered by a devastating diagnosis. How could such a debilitating illness like, Multiple Sclerosis, show up at such a contented time in my life. I’m traveling, started a new career that I love and I have relocated to a city that I have always dreamed of. How will this disease affect my future? What treatment options are out there and will they allow me to live a life that I am familiar with?

Refusing Prescription Medicine
After meeting with a neurologist in my hometown, I was given printed material to look over for a prescription medication that was to be injected 3 times a week. There was another option that was in pill form and was to be taken daily. I wasn’t really feeling the idea of injecting myself for the rest of my life with a medicine that was only going to cut back on the number of relapses I was having. I wasn’t happy with the pill either because of the known side effects. I had to make a decision because this disease was progressing very rapidly.

The Life Changing Decision
A family member suggested that I do some research on alternative ways of treating this horrible disease. I was overwhelmed with the different “clean eating” diets that claim to reverse diseases. I ended up choosing the Wahls Protocal. There were some many testimonies of individuals who had been symptom free for years after they made changes to their diet and lifestyle. I was seeking results while treating this illness. I decided to give this “food as medicine” a try. I first presented the idea to my neurologist and he was very supportive to the idea. I explained to him that I wanted to try it out for 6 months and see if my health was continuing to decline. Secondly, I presented the idea to my close family members and I received mixed responses. The majority of my family didn’t believe that a disease could be reversed by changing your diet. I believed in it, so it was time to get started.

Eliminating Inflammatory Foods
Sugar was the first thing to leave my diet. This was very difficult for me because I was a heavy sweet tea and Pepsi drinker. I would drink as much as a whole 2 liter of Pepsi per day. Breads, pasta and dairy immediately followed in my elimination process. I began to feel a lot better after removing these foods but my goal was to restore my health back to it’s original state. I eventually removed all foods that were genetically modified. Lastly, I needed to remove toxins from my body. I joined a health spa and used their sauna often. I later read about the great results others were getting from doing coffee enemas. This became my preferred way to detox my body.

Only Organic For Me
After eliminating foods that were destroying my body, I had to replace them with quality foods and a quality probiotic. I decided to eat organic vegetables, fruits, eggs and meats.

I ate plenty green vegetables. I love to eat salads multiple times a day. I also love to make stir fry meals that include peppers, onions, garlic and mushrooms. I eat chicken, wild caught salmon, liver and turkey.

Most of my symptoms (vertigo, digestive issues, cognitive difficulties, bladder control issues and rapid weight loss), have completely diminished. I still have an issue with my balance but it has improved. The great results that I have had so far has made me really proud that I decided to change my diet and lifestyle as opposed to taking prescription medicine.

By Daria Scott-Lockett