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    Tricia Duckworth

    (Part 3, from the topic, Bent but not broken)

    All In God’s Timing

    Sometimes you have to do something you don’t want to do but deep down you know it’s best for you to do. I did. Although for the second time in my life a company treated me unfair, I’m choosing to continue to put my trust in God. Please trust me, it wasn’t easy. What does this mean? It means that I have decided not to be bitter and not to fight, I will not think of ways to plot revenge neither will I speak unkind words against them. There are blessings behind closed doors, let the door close and don’t try to reopen it, be still and allow God to work behind the scene. Allow God to fight for you, I’m allowing Him to fight for me, remember their arms are too short to box with God. When you choose to do it God’s way things have to work out, Trust His Timing! He did not allow those adversities to happen without having a reason for them. God’s timing is perfect, you may not understand it now, but as time progress you will appreciate  “the way He orchestrate things”.

    For in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. (Galatians 6:9)

    It may not always happen when you want it too, but it will happen when it suppose too. His timing will always be perfect, even when our trust in it is not.

    Can you think of something that you were waiting for that seem difficult to do back then but after trusting God now you see it was worth the wait.  Please share to be a blessings to others.

    Let’s Chat About It.

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    Keshia Wright

    As I think about this question. I think about an issue that I had been dealing with for a while concerning my exhusband. For years I tried to fight with him over the right for me to be a mother to my own children. I know that sounds crazy but, he had custody and I was the non custodial parent. This was agreed upon due to my own ignorance. It put me in a position that I obviously did not like. Long story short I had been fighting to get my kids back and nothing worked. August of 2011 I was finally just tired of the manipulation, the bullying and the constant arguing I had finally had enough. I told him to come pick up his children and if I did not see them until they turned 18 that would be fine because I should not have to fight to be a parent. I know I have left out some details but I want to make the point that by Feb of 2012 after completely letting go my kids were coming home on their own. No fighting, no court, no nothing. I completely let go and decided the only person I could change was myself. I trusted God and my children called me. Even though my kids were with him for 10 years me and my two now adult sons are very close. They currently have no relationship with their father. When someone tries to tear you down they are only doing it to themselves. I wish things were different but i leave that in Gods hands as well. Dont fight rest.

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