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    Tricia Duckworth

    Have you ever notice when you’re trying to get in a quiet place and spend time with the Lord, your phone rings, or someone is at your door, the kids or grandkids are trying hard to get your attention or that favorite TV show comes on that you just got to watch. Those are distractions. Yes, interruptions, designed to make it difficult for you to pay attention to God’s instructions. When the enemy can’t destroy you he will do everything in His power to distract you. He understands that if God gets your undivided attention you will be able to recognize his tricks. The enemy is a deceiver, a liar, a manipulator and much more. He does not want us to prosper and he certainly do not want us to hear from God.

    What are some ways the enemy has tried to keep you from spending time with God?

    Let’s Chat About It.

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    Takiba Thompson

    Absolutely! I spend a lot of time in the presence of God all day, I pray, I talk, I listen, I sing. I do this in the car, at work, in the store, wherever!
    One of my distraction is sleep. I would tell myself that I am going to take care of everything (duties- laundry, cook, clean etc..) then I will sit down and study my word. As soon as I sit down I get sleepy… I get tired…. I know that GOD has been too good to me so I tell myself to keep pushing and pray through it. As I type this I say to myself, I need to spend time with God before I do all the duties.

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      Tricia Duckworth

      My sentiments exactly, sleep is a distraction for me as well….I will sleep to the last minute, get up shower get dress and out the door I go. I’m getting much better as I realize that I need HIM more than that extra 15 minutes of sleep.

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    Valeria Spates

    I believe my biggest distraction is myself if that makes sense. Doing what I want to do rather than what the Lord wants me to do. My biggest distraction is DISOBEDIENCE. Sometimes I think we make living the life of a Christian harder than it is. Like a parent/child relationship if we tell our children to do something we expect them to do it. So, why do I make an exception when the Lord instructs me to do something? Whatever He wants us to do is ultimately for our good.

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    Keshia Wright

    Lord, knows I have experienced distractions. I have found the best way to elimitate them is by me understanding my purpose. It keeps me on the path of seeking God for His continual guidance. I notice how he tries to frustrate me but I am learning to use these times as my triggers to really get in His presence through praise and worship. God meets me there. I have literally experienced God answer prayers after these intimate tome with Him.

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