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    Tricia Duckworth

    Don’t Panic, Trust God’s Process

    I pulled out of my garage as usual on this cold morning in January not looking forward to the heavy traffic that awaits me. I decided to make a stop to pay a utility bill (I was literally in there for 60 seconds). As I got back into my vehicle I realized that it wouldn’t start. I did not panic. I called my husband to inform him and listened attentively to what he told me to do. It was the cable that detached itself from the battery, therefore, the vehicle was not getting the signal to turn over. We know the battery is the source of power to tell all parts of the vehicle to function, just as the brain to the body.

    This delay lasted about 5 minutes, I took a tool that was in the truck of my vehicle and knocked the cable back onto the battery post, made sure it was on tight, started the car and went on my way.

    It was seconds later when I heard the Lord say, I delayed you because I was protecting you, I felt in my spirit that someone was speeding that morning and was going to enter the intersection the same exact time I would. God kept me from danger and harm that morning. See, I didn’t have room to panic when the car didn’t start, I trusted His Process.

    That thing that you are trying to rush is delayed because God is protecting you from something that is trying to harm you or cause major destruction in your life. Don’t panic when there’s a delay, slow down and trust His process. Sometimes we tend to rush to achieve an end without spending time with the Lord for instructions and directions. That morning I was rushing, I was already running late and kept going back and forth wondering if I should stop before or after I get off work. God instructed me to make that stop, He delayed me from going further to protect me from the hands of the enemy.

    Wise woman take a look at your situation, God has delayed something to keep you from harm. You know what it is, share it and provide feedback help someone to trust God’s process.

    Let’s Chat About It.

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