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    Tricia Duckworth

    Tis The Season ~ Is It Your Season?

    A season is a time of year that can refer to a time characterized by circumstances in your life. In every season we need to be ready to accept challenges or release things that may be toxin and cause harm to what God is doing in us and around us. The apostle Paul said it well, (2 Timothy 4:2)”Be ready in season and out of season” Right now as you read this post, you may be in a season where you are ready to see it end, or maybe you are in the best season of your life, hoping that it will never end. However, there may be someone you are associated with that may be oblivious to the season around them. Nevertheless, seasons come, and seasons go, but God instructions remains the same: “Be ready, in season and out.

    During this particular season of the year, many are celebrating the birth of Jesus, they associate His birth with spending money they do not have or going in debt and taking years to pay it off. They get caught up with exchanging gifts and or buying things (they don’t need). When in essences many take the true meaning of “The Celebration of Jesus Birth” out of content.

    During this particular season, you will find most individuals depressed, sad, unhappy, dispirited and or miserable all because they do not have enough money to purchase gifts. How is this celebrating Jesus? This season along with every season should be focused on Jesus, His love for us and His plan for us to master the seasons in our lives. So, yes, it’s okay to go after those goals, wait patiently on God’s promises and live life abundantly. This just maybe the season in your life that God will speak like never before.

    This is your season, what will you do in it?

    Let’s Chat About It.

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    Keshia Wright

    This season has a couple of different meanings to me. It is the end of a thing and the beginning of a new. I have come to understand that the long season of defeat and uncertainty was preparation for such a time as this. This season is the season where me and my family get together and celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts, this year is a little different because there is not any money to buy gifts so I call this season the priceless Christmas. To me this is the beginning a new way of doing things by having a new perspective. A priceless Christmas is all about celebrating the things that I have that money can not buy like my children, my self worth, my health, my family, and so much more and I do not feel slighted in anyway. I am gratful to have made it to this season in my life. I celebrate learning to have peace in the mist of any storm. I am still one who celebrates Christ birth during this time but now it has a greater meaning to me. Jesus is not just the reason for this season but for every season everyday ever hour in my life.

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    Takiba Thompson

    Hallelujah and Amen for this topic! It is very easy to loose sight of the WHY and the WHO in this season. Commercials and advertisements are constantly in our face, made to encourage us to purchase. Phrases such as “Don’t miss out on this…” are on the radio and television. If you get lost in the world you will certainly feel gloomy if you cannot buy these items. Surround yourself with THE GOOD NEWS- Bible, so that you may be reminded of THE REASON. I would like to pray for those who are depressed because they look at the calendar as a sense of timing, determining success in a calendar year. If God has provided you with breathe in your body then you have the means to carry on and praise HIS name, be still, be quiet until HE tell you to move. HIS timing and HIS measure of success is far more valuable than what you think you accomplished or not based on the world. Be in the world- not of the world. Be obidient to HIS word and he will provide you with exactly what you need and more. HE is just that good. Be blessed.

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