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    Tricia Duckworth

    When we choose to commit ourselves to a relationship, we go into it with the intention of seeing it through. For many reasons that we may not understand, we sometimes make decisions to break that commitment. Sometimes we find that we over-committed ourselves. Unconditionally committed to you, our Heavenly Father speaks no words of rejection. He has no wish to make you feel sad, He wants to help you grow in spiritual wisdom. Fulfill your commitment to Him by putting your trust in His unbreakable commitment to you.

    Jesus being a great example of an unbreakable commitment, a relationship with Him is sort of like having a best friend that you can call anytime. This friend you have will never leave you or forsake you. He doesn’t answer directly the way a human friend would with a phone call or an e-mail. Although sometimes He might let you wait for days or years before you can get an answer, but He has been listening and watching all along. He knows you better than you know yourself because He is the one that made you. 

    Having a relationship with Jesus is so amazing.

    Knowing this let’s chat about relationships and commitments and the importance of understanding God’s purpose for them.


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    Keshia Wright

    God has a purpose for everything, unfortunately when it comes to relationships with one another we lack truth and understanding. Truth: we wI’ll never have a lasting flourishing relationship with a man unto we dirst have one with God. And man has to do the same. I look at relationship’s as a triangle God being at the top end and we being man and woman on the bottom of each end. I believe if that oncw that fellowship is there on each side vertically then horizontal becomes so much easier. We also have to know of what we are both wanting in life fits with one another. It is impossible for two people to walk together unless they are agreed. We have to looking for a soul mate looking at an exterior. That’s why it’s called your soul mate.

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