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    Tricia Duckworth

    Woman Know Your Worth ~ I Wanted Him But He Wasn’t Interested

    I was in a mentoring class at Swift Driving School in 2015 and in walks this tall, dark, handsome, and intelligent man.
    I said to myself, now this is a man that I could see myself with. The more I learned of him the more I grew
    attracted to him. One day I walk into our office and there he was again. We both had the same
    driver leader, how convenient it was for me to be able to talk to him when I wanted to.

    He said, “if I can find someone to takeover my truck I will team up with you.” Did he just say that? You
    mean to tell me that I can have him with me all the time. I am all over it. In less than a week we
    Were teammates and I was on cloud nine. I image being with this man all the time. He’s everything a woman could ask for. He is hard working, dependable, takes care of his kids, single, what else can I say, he’s a perfect catch. I wanted him to see that I was a good catch for him, I wanted him to know that I was everything he needed. I began pursing him more and more when I knew deep down he should have been pursing me.
    I was at his every beck and call, which really was not a big deal because he really took care of everything. This made me want him more. I can see him taking care of me, well so I thought.

    After spending time together for a while I began to feel discouraged. I was doing everything I can but he still seemed to not be interested in me. I began thinking, even if he did like me I will have to turn into the woman I was not to make the relationship work. I began feeling useless and my self-esteem was being affected.
    I prayed and asked God to show me a sign, I needed to know if he would be the one. We ended up talking about it and it turned into a huge argument. He raised his voice and cursed at me. I was stunned. After thinking about the situation I could not continue being his teammate. I felt I had devalued myself to allow this man to handle me like this so I had to take control of it to the point of being able to live my mistake and let him know. I am not that chick. I cut off all communication with him including Facebook. I was so angry at myself.

    Lesson learned: As a woman I had to know my worth and my value and not devalue myself to try to fit into no man’s world. Though this good looking man named Richard was perfect in many ways, I realize that he and I would not work out. I was trying to fit myself in his life through my neediness. We are friends to this day. We began talking again and getting an understanding of each other. I realized that I played apart in this and that I put myself out there. I got my feelings hurt because I offered him something he did not want.

    Can you look back on a situation where you were in a similar situation. How did you handle it? Are you bitter because of it? Did you learn from it and if so what did you learn?

    Richard have very good qualities of what I want in a man. Those qualities I have listed on my vision board for my perfect man. Thanks Richard for showing me those good qualities, love you.

    For years I have heard this statement, “Know Thyself”. It sounds good but what does this have to do with my perfect man. Well, everything. You have to know what your needs, wants and desires are. I have found that by sometimes using my past relationships it has helped me to learn valuable lessons about me and what I need in my future relationship as well as what I am willing to give up for my man. I began asking myself what are my deal breakers. Considering the fact that I have 4 sons and I am completely satisfied, I do not desire to have any more kids. My next venture is to be a grandmother or should I say a glam-ma. With this said, the process of elimination if the gentleman I am dating wants children makes it easy for me. He could have those qualities that Richard has but if he wants children this could really be a problem.

    My sister recently called me in a up roar about a situation regarding her ex-husband. I listened as she talked. I let her get all her frustration out, when she was finished, she gave me a moment to speak. This is what I shared with her, everything we deal with we have choices and you do not have to deal with certain things if you don’t want to. The only person you can control is yourself, you can not control what anyone else does. When you try to deal with anything or anyone other than yourself you are only delaying the very change that you want to see in your life. You will never fix a problem worrying about it. When your life seems to be falling apart this is when you should be taking the time to exam yourself. A life that is not examined, is a life not worth living. I don’t care how good your life seems you should always take the time to examine it to see if you are really living the life you want or are you settling for the life you live.

    Article by Keshia Wright ~ Transformation Life Coach

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