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    Tricia Duckworth

    Understand that you cannot control when he walks away, and you cannot make him stay. You have no control over the actions of someone else. Love yourself no matter who doesn’t. That divorce will not define who you are, neither will it outline your future. The pain maybe unbearable at times, the thoughts you may have seeing your life without him or seeing him with someone else could bring sorrow and or grief. It could have you contemplating hurting him or better yet hurting yourself. Listen, God has so much more in store for you even if that man is not apart of it. Understand as devastating as it is, you are an overcomer. He walked away from a good thing and one day he will regret it. You will heal, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and “yes” financially. Hold your head up, many women are rooting for you to get up and live the life our Creator has designed for you. Praying for him maybe the hardest thing for you to do but in time you will. May God grace you with the ability to forgive and deliver you from hurt, shame, and despair.

    Wise woman, we need to hear your story, help someone else heal by sharing what you’ve gone through and how you were able to rebuild your life after a break-up or divorce.

    Let’s Chat About It.

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