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Just Walk By Faith

(Part 2, from the topic Bent but not broken)

I just had it and it seem that it was not going to get any better. For a few months my director barley spoke to me but soon his silence came to an end. I guess he was thinking of ways he could torment me to make me leave or looked for ways he could fire me. Well, an opportunity came for him when one client sent him a (4) page letter complaining about me not providing complete information to her. He called me into his office and provided a letter to me telling me that I have made a poor decision yet again, he said, he’s in the process of restructuring staff and will be making a difficult decision and based on this letter, it will affect me. Now what do you think this mean? To me it sounds like he’s trying to fire me. When I finally was able to speak, I stated that I have proof of communicating all information (because I kept every email that was sent to the client explaining everything and made copies to show him). He eventually apologized and stated that, “this changes things”, well, I’m sure it did. First of all he jumped all over me without coming to me first, he provided me this letter accusing me of not doing my job, the letter was awful. He’s a bully, a micro manager and he has been doing this since my first day of work. Well, I wasn’t going to let him get rid of me and this termination be a part on my record (the devil is a liar).

So what did I do next, well, I went to the executive director, and this is part of the letter I gave to him:


I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity of being the Program

Manager here at (———————-). The experience of encouraging and impacting the lives of our clients has been phenomenal. Unfortunately, while in this position there was a huge lack of support from my director, lack of coaching, and intimidating conversations from him. It’s very difficult for me to be effective in my position and sit under a director who treats me this way. It’s even more difficult to be a part of a Christian Ministry and be dictated negative judgements for the purpose God has for me. The director has jumped to many conclusions about the clients concerns against me during disciplinary actions without talking to me first.

Please accept this letter as my two weeks’ notice……………….

I provided him emails that I received from my director showing him the words he used towards me as he communicated, I provided copies of my notes that referenced the things he said to me and the dates he said them and I explained that I rather walk away then you all walk me out of here. Now, he seemed “shocked”, but I really don’t think he cared, because the executive director and the director have been friends for 30 years. Although he said, he did not want to accept my resignation because he did not want me to leave, he also said my director will not disrespect me again. He said he would speak with him and call me in 24 hours. Well, “yes” he contacted me by email (2) hours after I left his office, although I didn’t get the email until the next morning. He said after meeting with the director he has decided to accept my resignation, he said, he appreciate both the director and my professionalism throughout this process………..REALLY. Not one time before, during and after this process has the director ever been professional. The worst thing, many of my colleagues knew about his behavior, they spoke about it as well as shared with me things he has said to them, but no one will go to the executive director about it. Why? Maybe they are fearful of losing their jobs….WOW. If we all stand for something right we could make a difference.

If I don’t know anything else, I know that God is in control and that’s for sure.

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