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What Would Jesus Do?

To understand this question we need to pray, read His Word and seek His face. These are the important tools we need to develop in order to sharpen our relationship with the Lord. Committing ourselves to a daily devotion with Jesus will allow us to not only speak to Him, but to hear from Him. Our old routines, habits and traditions should be evaluated, people we associate with, certain places we go, certain T.V. programs we watch and certain books we read can all hinder us from spending time with our Heavenly Father. The disconnection and interruption will corrupt our communication with Him.

We need to develop new habits. God wants to spend time with us. He wants us to search for Him with our whole hearts. Sometimes our circumstances can keep us from spending time with God instead of drawing near to Him. God can use those situations in our lives to draw others to Him. His plan and purpose is much greater than our hurts and pains.

I encourage you to stay in God’s present, walk with Him, talk with Him, spend time with Him daily.  Start today, nothing can be more fulfilling than spending time with our Creator, when those hard times come (and they will) you will understand what Jesus will want you to do to handle them.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and those things will be added to you. (Read Matthew 6:33)