About Tricia

Tricia is a Christian Counselor, a Life Coach, A CEO (A Christian Encouraging Others), she’s authentic, a woman who loves God and is truly following His plan. She has an AA degree in Theology from Ambassador Christian College, a BS in Psychology/Christian Counseling and a MA degree in Human Services/Counseling in the area of Crisis and Trauma both from Liberty University. Married for over 31 years, she has 3 sons and a grandson. She’s the founder of Wise Women Chat Ministries, (Women of Maturity Experienced and Nurturing) a ministry designed for women who want to enhance their lives as they become wiser in their walk with the Lord. She takes pleasure in encouraging and empowering women. She’s the author of “Purple Pearls” a book that provides encouragement as we face life’s challenges and adversities, as well as “Morning Glory” a devotional/journal. She accepted her calling many years ago to help many to understand; each time we go through a trial; we obtain the wisdom of God. She lives by the saying, it’s not what we go through, it’s how we choose to go through it. She takes pleasure in helping women to recognize their self-worth as they grow through some of their toughest trials.